The Bachelor is about to be ruined before it's even freaking begun.

It’s a sad day if you’re a Bachie fan, because it just so turns out the 2017 season finale with Matty J is about to be RUINED.

Oh, and Matty’s season hasn’t even premiered yet. It’s not even set to air until July.


According to, photos and information that will spoil the show’s end result are being shopped around like bloody hot cakes. The news website says the names of the final two contestants are part of the deal, along with locations and photos from the final four’s home visits.


So yes, Bachie fans, it appears Channel 10’s attempt to conceal information about the top-secret finale location, and indeed the end result, have been in vain.

We're getting flash backs of Daily Mail publishing paparazzi shots of Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek cuddling by a hotel balcony ALL OVER AGAIN.

Reportedly, bidding for the sacred info has begun, although it's not yet clear precisely which publications are out to ruin our reality TV lives.

Not cool, you guys. Not cool.

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