There's something quite peculiar about this photo of the Bachelorettes.

Guys, we don’t want to alarm you but there are only two more sleeps until The Bachelor starts and there’s something a little odd about the contestants.

Yesterday, Network Ten released a photo of all 22 women who are vying for Matty J’s heart – and like any good investigative journalists we studied it for hours.

Then we sent it to the lab for testing and did some Mission Impossible style commando rolls while we waited for the results.

And the results were, well, a little bit unsettling. Our hunches were right. There’s something not quite right about this photo.

Meet your Bachelorettes for 2017. ???? #TheBachelorAU Starts 7:30 Wednesday.

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While Network Ten tried to throw us off the scent by including a really good ratio of blondes to brunettes – nine blondes, nine brunettes and four brondes according to our in-house forensic mathematician (me) – we still uncovered the truth…

There’s not a single redhead in the photo.


I mean, it’s 2017 guys – where’s the bloody diversity?

Oh! Also, everyone – every single person – is white.

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