The footy netball club doing everything it can to give mums a fair go.

Lyndhurst Football and Netball Club in Melbourne’s south east isn’t like other sporting clubs, and it’s for all the right reasons.

Born in 2009, the now 500-member strong organisation has a big dream when it comes to its female footy players — that is, for them to one day play AFL.

“Our club is all inclusive,” Lyndhurst FNC President Andrew King, who was instrumental in the club’s creation eight years ago, tells Mamamia.

“Our community is in the heart of suburbia. We’ve got people of all races, all ages. Most households have two incomes and big mortgages, and we want to give everyone equal opportunity, especially women.”

So what exactly does that entail? Well, Lyndhurst has a grand plan to provide mums with babysitting services during Saturday games so women can fully get involved in the sport they love.

“We started up a women’s team this year and we want to give as many of our community members the opportunity to play,” Andrew says.

“We thought it’d be great to raise funds for organised child minders.”

 “We started up a women’s team this year and we want to give as many of our community members the opportunity to play." (Image provided)

It's a mammoth commitment, one that will cost the club approximately $26,860 per year.

“The idea to have babysitters came from me," the father-of-five admits.

"When I put it to our community management, they were all for it. We thought that with the influx of women to the sport that it’d be unfair for them to miss out for any restrictions. If we can help remove those barriers then we’re all for it.

"If we can raise enough money we’ll provide a way for the ladies to socialise after the game as well, we’re hoping we can extend child minding services to a couple of hours after the game, so the women can really bond and feel part of the team and the community."

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Lyndhurst currently have 15 women training every Tuesday and Thursday, but is looking to take up to 35 women by the end of the year.

"Our goal is for women to be able to say, 'If I want to play football, I can. I’ve got the opportunity and the choice'.

"There’s plenty of room for women to get involved," Andrew tells me. "

Any women who want to come down and get involved are more than welcome."

To help Lyndhurst achieve their mission to provide child minders for female players, donate here.

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