People are somehow eating Babybel cheese all wrong and we need to talk.

A petite wheel of Babybel is the quintessential lunchbox snack loved by children and adults alike, but not everyone is enjoying the mild, creamy cheese to the best of their ability.

And we need to address this.

Imgur user DefinitelyNotThreeBadgersInAnOvercoat has shared a half-eaten mini Babybel cheese… with the wax still left on. They titled the photo, “I’ve just tried my first Babybel and I’m really not impressed,” and further added, “it tasted like a big red candle,” and we wonder why…

I’ve just tried my first Babybel and I’m really not impressed

Another user by the name of roofraft posted two Snapchat images of someone who discovered way too late that no, wax shouldn’t be eaten. The first photo is captioned with “Has anyone eaten this cheese? Am [I supposed] to eat the red part?” followed by a second photo which features the words, “OMG I think I just ate wax,” and yes sweetie, you did just eat wax.

Poor thing.

Digging a little deeper online it seems the confusion is rife, with multiple Reddit threads asking users: “Are you supposed to eat the red wax on a Babybel?”

According to the product’s Canadian website, the “blend of paraffin and microcrystalline wax” is technically food safe, which means there aren’t any “health risks” with consuming the cheese per se, but this still doesn’t mean you should eat it.

Instead there are far better methods to enjoy the cheese. For example, removed completely from its packaging and eaten on its own, or with some crackers, perhaps smooshed into a toasted bagel, melted on top a homemade pizza or as an accompaniment with raw carrots and cheese.

Please note, if you do want to know the correct procedure of opening and eating a Babybel cheese, a very charismatic child by the internet pseudonym of ‘Fleepers’ has created a five minute video teaching people how to do just that.

It’s got over 41,000 views.

Have you ever been, or known anyone to be confused as to how they eat a Babybel cheese? Please tell us in a comment. We promise not to judge.

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