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1. Baby boy found with superglue around mouth and fractured skull, police say.

Missouri police are investigating after a three-month-old baby was admitted to hospital with severe injuries, WREG News reports.

According to a police report, authorities were called to the hospital when a baby was admitted with bruising on his face, arms and legs, as well as facial swelling.

The little boy also had blood around his nose, and appeared to have superglue smeared around his mouth.

The report states the three-month-old’s injuries were “consistent with abuse”. Medical tests also confirmed the infant had a fractured skull and several broken ribs.

The person who alerted police said the “mother’s sister had asked her to check on the baby”. A juvenile was watching the baby, before she took him to hospital after realising he was in “poor condition”.

The Department of Human Services have been made aware of the case, and an arrest is expected to be made later this week.

The little boy is still recovering in hospital.

2. ‘Meth mum’ who killed her four-year-old daughter in car crash jailed.


Kylie Hie was high on meth when she crashed her van into a truck on South Australia’s South Eastern Highway in November 2013, the Adelaide Advertiser reports.

Her four-year-old daughter Charlotte, who was illegally seated in the front passenger seat at the time, was tragically killed in the smash.

Now, 34-year-old Hie has been jailed for at least 28 months after she pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

SA District Court Judge Paul Slattery said she had been “driving erratically” and it was “incredibly lucky” that no one else was hurt or killed in the accident.

CCTV footage of the accident shows Hie tailgating other cars while travelling at speeds of 100km/h before she attempted to “squeeze” into a gap in traffic to overtake a 40-tonne B-double truck carrying timber.

After the crash, she told The Advertiser her daughter was “such a beautiful and happy little girl”.

“She brightened everyone’s day. She always…made the best of everything. She was my baby and I would give anything to be with her,” she said.

“She was my best friend, my everything…I miss her so much.”

Hie held back tears as her three-year sentence was handed down. She must serve a minimum of two years, three months, three weeks and three days of her sentence.

She is also banned from driving for a minimum of 10 years.

3. Man arrested after he allegedly ran into ocean to escape a $621 seafood restaurant bill.


A man who allegedly dined on an expensive seafood dinner and dashed straight into the Gold Coast surf has faced court charged with stealing, 9 News reports.

Terry Peck, 33, allegedly tucked into a $621 meal at Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant on Sunday evening, which included two lobster mornays, 21 oyster shooters, baby octopus and drinks.

But when it came time to pay the bill, Peck, an aspiring rapper, allegedly ran from staff straight into the surf at Main Beach.

Lifeguards then took police out on the back of jet skis to retrieve him from the water.

Restaurant staff told 9 News they “had their suspicions” the man was “going to do a runner”.

Officers allegedly attempted to negotiate with Peck to come back to shore but he refused, forcing them to jump in the sea to arrest him.

Peck claimed he left the restaurant to help his friend, who was in labour. When he couldn’t find his friend, he told police he “went for a swim and lost his wallet in the waves”.

Peck faced Southport Magistrates Court on Monday charged with stealing and two counts of seriously assaulting a police officer.

He was released on bail and is due back in court on May 4.

4. Miracle baby born on same day as both her mother and grandmother.


When baby Scarlett was born just before midday on March 31, her family was celebrating for two other reasons. Her birthdate is also that of her own mother, and her grandmother, 7 News reports.

Scarlett’s mother, Kelly Wilson, was celebrating her 29th birthday when her first daughter was born.

Kelly’s mother, Leanne, knows all too well the feeling of welcoming a baby on your own birthday, telling 7 News that “everyone was coming to see the new baby” instead of celebrating her own birthday when Kelly was born.

While the chances of three generations being born on the exact same day aren’t exactly one-in-a-million, Melbourne University Professor Peter Taylor told 7 News the chances were around “1 in 133,225”.

Every year on March 31st, the family will now have to triple their birthday celebrations.

5. QLD government accused of ‘cover-up’ as full report into death of toddler Mason Lee kept secret for another year.

Queensland’s opposition has accused the Labor government of a cover-up after it withheld a full report into the death of Sunshine Coast toddler Mason Jet Lee for at least another year, AAP reports.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Monday announced the report into Mason’s June 2016 death would only be released publicly after charges against his mother and her former partner had been dealt with.

It came as Queensland Family and Child Commissioner Cheryl Vardon handed down her report into the “post-death” reaction to the 22-month-old’s death, which recommended an overhaul of the way such cases are reviewed by government departments.

In an unprecedented move, the government sought the advice of Director of Public Prosecutions Michael Byrne QC who advised cabinet not to release the more comprehensive Child Death Case Review Panel’s report.


Mr Byrne told cabinet if the contents of the report were made public, it could prejudice the manslaughter and child cruelty trials of Mason’s mother Anne Maree Lee, stepfather William O’Sullivan and teenager Ryan Robert Hodson.

Ms Palaszczuk defended cabinet’s decision and promised to release the panel’s report once the court cases were finalised.

“I will make no comment that will jeopardise justice for Mason. The community wants justice, I want justice,” the premier said.

But the Liberal National Party took aim, with child safety spokesperson Ros Bates alleging a cover-up which “stinks to high heaven”.

“The premier announced last year that she would release all of the findings into Mason Jet Lee’s death. What we see now is a report that tells you nothing,” Ms Bates said.

“The Palaszczuk Labor government has had 10 months to come up with solutions about what happened to Mason Lee and yet today, we are seeing a cover-up.”

Ms Bates pledged to release the report in full if the LNP were elected to government before the court matters are finalised.

The election is scheduled before May next year, which is likely to occur before all three of the accused go to trial.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls also criticised the timing of the decision, saying the government cynically wedged it between Cyclone Debbie and Easter.

Mason was found dead in his Caboolture home in June 2016, suffering from horrific injuries, and it was determined he died from a ruptured bowel.

Three Child Safety staff were stood down in November last year over the case, and another nine are facing disciplinary action following a departmental review.

While not making specific comment about any pre-death findings, Ms Vardon said she was “concerned and upset” by what had happened to Mason.

“In the lead-up to his death he had many eyes on him, but no one truly saw him, or did enough to protect him,” she said.

The government announced it would implement several of Ms Vardon’s recommendations, including $40.8 million over four years to provide more frontline staff to work with families, as well as better co-ordination of health and child protection systems.

6. “Zero prospect of recovery” for Great Barrier Reef as region suffers second straight year of mass coral bleaching.


Aerial surveys that show mass coral bleaching has impacted most of the Great Barrier Reef will be used to help save it, AAP reports.

The Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies confirmed on Monday only the southern third of the reef had not been affected by consecutive bleaching events in 2016 and 2017.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority chairman Russell Reichelt said survey results would be used to “refine a support strategy” to help improve the health of the ecosystem.

Mr Reichelt said the reef had suffered a second straight year of mass coral bleaching, largely due to ocean warming.

“In addition, the impacts of recent severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie, and resulting flooding in the catchment, have placed greater pressure on the reef potentially adding to coral loss,” he said in a statement.

Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies’ marine biologist James Kerry said the reef was not necessarily dead but it would take at least 10 years for “even the fastest growing corals” to recover.

Dr Reichelt said GBRMPA would continue to improve the resilience of the reef, but the international community needed to implement the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

State Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said it was crucial that people understood there were plenty of parts of the reef that hadn’t been impacted by bleaching.

“We need to protect the Great Barrier Reef, because it is one of the great tourism destinations of Queensland,” he said.

“But the other thing we need to make sure is we don’t scare people away by saying there’s nothing to see.”

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