New parents are turning to one app to order their lives again. And this is it.

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Scientists might have only just given it a medical backing, but any new mum will tell you that ‘baby brain’ is one of the biggest hurdles to navigating life as a new parent.

The mental fog, that can be credited for putting keys in the fridge or leaving shopping at the supermarket, often creeps up during the final stages of pregnancy. And for many, it stays for the long haul.

Annoyingly, doctors and scientists have previously maintained that the pregnancy phenomenon was just a myth. Much to the annoyance of mums around the world.

But in January this year, researchers at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria, uncovered measurable cognitive changes during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, that continue after the baby is born.

And it’s no surprise really, with new parents facing an exhausting whirlwind of sleepless nights, dirty nappies and a rotation of never-ending feeds – all while wondering, Am I doing this right?

As each day melts into the next, mums have previously found it hard to keep track of sleep, feeds and nappy changes. Add in the help of extended family and it can get even trickier to keep an eye on the routine.

But modern-day mothers (and fathers too) are turning to technology to ensure they are correctly tracking their baby’s ever-changing routine. Tracker apps, like The Baby Diaries by TerryWhite Chemmart, are not only easy to use, with tracking at the touch of a button, but also allow extended family (or carers or babysitters) to log in when they are caring for bub.

Amy Nelmes/The Baby Diaries
Here's Max being gentle with animals; a mock-up of a nappy graph in the app. Images: Supplied

And that means mum can have some stress-fee baby-free time and not worry that their little one isn’t keeping on track. So how do they work? The Baby Diaries, for example, has a pop-up track menu, focusing on feeds, sleep, nappy changing, baby’s measurements and their medicines.

The part that I like the most? There's a section dedicated specifically to milestones, so our family and close friends are able to log in and see what bub has been up to that day.

The update comes with a photo, and there’s a security pin to ensure it all remains private. Kiss goodbye to those endless WhatsApp groups and use the extra time to enjoy uninterrupted Netflix and feeds.

Party at my place. Max, you're invited. Image: Supplied

On a practical note, the feed tracker on The Baby Diaries adapts as a parent moves from breastfeeding to bottle and then to solids. And the breastfeeding section has a timer for each boob, so mum knows which one is working overtime (One always works overtime!).

When baby moves onto solids, the app can be used to monitor tot’s intake to ensure he’s getting enough. And it also doubles up as a way to keep an eye on reactions to foods with a handy notes section.

Now we know our little one is eating, the focus is on sleep because every parent fears they are never going to sleep again. The sleep tracker has a timer so parents not only know when they went down, but how long they napped for.


For parents battling life with a non-sleeper, having extensive history of baby’s sleep is perfect for when the sleep nurse ultimately gets called in to help.

But one of the most advanced areas of app tracking is allowing parents to easily keep an eye on their baby’s intake of medicines. Most mums will agree that when a sick baby needs a number of different medicines, it can get tricky, especially if everyone isn’t getting any sleep.

However, The Baby Diaries' medical tracker allows stressed-out parents to enter the medicine, the amount and the time, while also putting in an alert when baby needs the next dose.

Ultimately, life as a new parent is busy, and tracking apps are becoming the go-to for frazzled parents because they make life easier.

But best of all is when the pesky baby brain finally clears (it usually does, promise), and mamas can swipe through their child’s first few years and be reminded of those incredible moments.

For me, looking back at the date of my son’s first giggle and later, at a picture of his first day at day-care made the mama tears come.

But also, it allows us to congratulate ourselves for all the hard graft we’ve put into making this little human.

What app/s do you use to help out with baby?

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