A mum shares how much sleep your baby should really be getting.

A frustrated mum has written a hilarious infographic showing how much sleep babies should really be getting.

Emily-Jane Clark, 36, designed the realistic chart after struggling to get her daughters Isla, four, and Cleo, two, to sleep properly.

The UK mum, who is behind the parenting blog, wrote that newborns to one month olds should take enough naps “to make you feel a little bit smug”, while three to six-month-olds will nap “ONLY on you. NOT SO SMUG NOW”.

According to Clark, six to 12-month-olds will sleep very little at night and “All the people who told you they would sleep when they are on solids are LIARS” and when it comes to one to two-year-olds? “Who f**king cares?”

Ms Clark’s blog aims to give fellow parents “an honest insight into a tired mother’s mind” and to help others realise “you are not alone in your struggle with sleep-deprived parenting“.

In her blog, she describes the chaos of having a new baby that refused to sleep:

“When I was pregnant with my first baby, I read all the books, checked all the websites, signed up for all the monthly Why The Hell Isn’t My Baby Doing This Yet newsletters, but despite this, she arrived and most days I didn’t have a flipping clue.  She didn’t sleep, so I didn’t sleep and my nice, organised life was suddenly utter, exhausting, messy chaos,” she wrote.

We’re loving Ms Clark’s brutal honesty – and there’s nice to know that there are plenty of other mums out there who are still figuring the whole parenting thing out…

Did you struggle to get your baby to sleep? How did you cope?