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We want to hire this grandma as our baby photographer.

Best. Grandma. Ever.

When Susan Pierce Grossman became a grandmother for the first time, she knew she wanted to surprise her daughter, Nadene Orr, with a special gift: a magical photo of granddaughter Meredith dressed as Thumbelina.

It’s a gift that has kept on giving, as Susan has now created several photos of baby Meredith, all centred around classical children’s stories and literature. The series recently went viral and Susan, a retired art teacher, says she’s not done combining her lifelong photography hobby with her adorable grandchild.

Susan Pierce Grossman, with her daughters Tiffany and Nadene and granddaughter Meredith.

“I’m an older grandmother, at 67, and my goal has always been to be a good role model, and source of wisdom, strength, happiness, comfort and support for my two daughters. Now, that includes my one and only grandchild, Meredith,” said Susan.

What began as a baby book for Meredith has become a way for Susan to leave memories behind that her granddaughter will treasure forever. “It is my greatest joy to make my children smile. And, because it is also very hard to surprise your older children, I’m keeping my ideas between me and Amazon, where I search for costume ideas,” said Susan.

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If I'm going to pay grandma to look after the kids, she'd better lift her game.

"To my grandmother."

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