"Elsa! Stop fighting with Tyrion!" Frozen and GOT start baby name trend.





It was only a matter of time, I guess.

British baby name site the BabyCentre has just revealed their annual top 100 list for boy baby names and girl baby names for 2014. And when you have a look at which names were influenced by popular television and film, it seems that parents are saying goodbye to Harry and Hermione and hello to character names from Frozen, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Thor and Downton Abbey.

With the number of times that we’ve all heard “Let it Go” over the last year, it’s no surprise that Elsa is the most popular new name in 2014.

But it is a little more surprising which other Frozen name has charged into the charts.

It’s not Anna.

It’s not Sven.

Yep, it’s Olaf.

“Did you clean your teeth, Olaf?”


Frozen’s Kristoff has also had a surge too (though the romantic hero is a little more understandable than the snowman, right?).

Other movie and tv-inspired names of choice have included Primrose (the little sister from The Hunger Games), Loki (from Thor and The Avengers – and Norse mythology), Piper (from Orange is the New Black – which has risen 300 percent), and Skyler, Jesse and Walter from Breaking Bad (up 322, 140 and 200 percent, respectively).


Showing that everyone loves a (tv) serial killer, Dexter rose significantly on the list this year by 11 places.

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s favourite show Downton Abbey lent its influence to a number of traditionally British names Edith, Cora, Mary, Rose, and Violet.

But it’s former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s favourite show, Game of Thrones, that is throwing up some unusual names. Yes, there are toddlers who will soon be running around with names like Daenerys and Tyrion.

“Daenarys! You forgot your lunchbox!”


Game of Thrones is also credited with influencing the ongoing popularity of the name Emilia, after Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys, the mother of dragons on the hit show. Jon, has also seen a surge, presumably due to the popularity of Jon Snow (but he probably knows nothing about it).

Logan (the Wolverine from X-Men), The Hunger Games‘ Gale (a boy’s name in the film), and Gravity‘s Ryan all turned up this year being used as names for girls.

It’s just so surprising that no one seems to want to name a baby after this guy:

Nobody wants to raise a Joffrey.

What’s missing? Do you have a favourite movie/tv-inspired name from 2014?