The Australian baby names that are going out of fashion. Fast.

It doesn’t take long for a baby name to become unpopular anymore. Less than a generation can see a name go from being a favourite to being forgotten.

Twenty years ago, there were loads of Aussie parents calling their girls Ashleigh, Caitlin and Kayla, and their boys Dylan, Tyson and Brandon. (Beverly Hills, 90210, anyone?)

Now… not so much. Names like Ava, Mia and Harper, and Noah, Charlie and Hunter have nabbed their spots.

It's okay. Being trendy isn't everything. Image via iStock.

Research just published in the UK has shown the names that have fallen furthest from the top 100 since 1996. Gemma and Calum were among those on the list.

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That inspired us here at The Motherish to do a bit of research of our own.

We looked at the names that were making the top 40 in Australia in 1996, then compared that to the most recent popularity lists. Some names are still hot. Chloe, Emily, Jack and James were favourites two decades ago, and still are now.

But here are 20 names that are definitely on the way out. Although most of them aren't dead just yet, they are dying, fast.

There's no need to feel sad. They'll all come back into fashion one day.

Is your name or your child's name on this list?

TAP and scroll through the gallery for the names going out of fashion in Australia...