"My sister gave everything about my baby away on Facebook."

I’m livid and I don’t know what to do.

Tonight, my sister wanted to take a photo with me while I’m pregnant, looking all puffy and huge. For whatever reason I obliged, totally looking like a swollen whale in the photo but whatever.

She put it on Facebook. Again, whatever. I know I don’t have to approve it on my newsfeed, so I didn’t really think too much about it because I know none of my contacts will see it.

Well, I’m just looking at her Facebook now and she’s one of those people that has every mother f*cking person that she’s ever crossed paths with in her entire life as a Facebook friend. A ton of people from high school that I really don’t want knowing anything about me or my life.

"She puts it on Facebook. Again, whatever."

Again, don't care, but here's the clincher.

She announced my baby's f*cking name on Facebook, along with how far along I am down to the days.

I have only told REALLY close friends and a handful of family what we're going to name her. It took a long time for my partner and I to come up with the perfect name and I didn't want anyone to even know until I could announce it myself.

I don't need people's opinions. I don't give a shit that your great aunt has the same name. I didn't want her name soiled by association of sh*tty people before she was even out because it was so difficult to pick it because of that.

"She announced my baby's f*cking name on Facebook, along with how far along I am down to the days."

I'm a very private person, especially so with this pregnancy. No one even knows my exact due date (until now). If I want anyone to know anything, it should be at MY discretion.

I don't want anyone hounding me on when the baby's coming or making comments on their opinions of my name choice, or really... anything! If I wanted you to know, you would know already. I would put that sh*t on my own newsfeed.

What the f*ck? I'm so pissed off I could cry. I wish I could hack into her f*cking account and delete it. The entire account, because you know good and damn well if she pulled this sh*t, she will most certainly announce the birth of my baby before I've even had a chance.

I'm absolutely livid.

What would you do if you were in this situation?

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