A video of a mum making bath bubbles with an electric mixer has people very concerned.

A video of a mother creating bubbles for her baby’s bubble bath with an electric mixer, while the baby is in the bath has created outrage on YouTube.

The video starts with a close-up of the electric mixer in the bath whizzing around frothing bubbles. We zoom out to a mum whizzing the froth and a baby standing at the far end of the bath.

The electric mixer in the bath. Image via YouTube/Shonky Brothers.

After a few cut-shots the man behind the camera decides there's enough bubbles to start the show. He begins singing 'Bubble Butt' while the mother starts beatboxing the song. The baby begins to dance with bubbles - literally - on his butt.

Music in the video then cuts to the actual 'Bubble Butt' song while baby continues to dance and mum continues to mix the bubbles around with her electric mixer.

The 'Bubble Butt' baby. Image via YouTube/Shonky Brothers.

The video's description says, "We're starting to collect material for his 21st reeeeal early." But it has created outrage over the safety of what is going on (Post continues after the video)...

Some comments about the video said it was funny, but many raised their concerns for the child's safety.

"Electricity and water is always a smart idea," one comment said, sarcastically.

"Next time use the hair dryer, it's way more effective to make bubbles," another said. Then this reply, "Just throw a toaster in for good measure."

"I wouldn't use any electrical appliance in the bath tub with my baby...Why not make your bubble bath first.. THEN put the baby in it?" Another comment read.

The worry and concern continued.

A lot of people were worried about the safety. Image via YouTube/Shonky Brothers.

Other commenters argued that electrical mixers are made to be used in liquid. That may be so, but not when there is a baby in the water.

We definitely watched this one through our fingers.

What do you think about the video? Funny or concerning?

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