Let's celebrate a little fighter: Against all odds, the baby dumped in a drain has survived.

Just 24 hours into his precious life, a newborn boy was tossed under a thick slab of cement by the side of a freeway, where he fell 2.4 metres to the ground.

The baby is alive. He’s alive.

Just 24 hours into his precious life, a newborn boy was tossed under a thick slab of cement by the side of a freeway, where he fell 2.4 metres to the ground. The only thing protecting him from the world was a stolen, multi-colour blanket – the kind that new-borns are wrapped in when they arrive.

There was still a clamp on his umbilical cord; that’s how little time this child spent in the hospital before he was stashed underground by his (presumably, desperate) mother.

The baby was alone and dehydrated, in the scorching heat we’ve had in Sydney this week. He was there five or six days, in his little hovel, without food or water. This baby was clearly abandoned so he would die. So he would quietly disappear from this world without notice. And he nearly did.

But no. The baby is alive. Against all odds – alive.

Whatever happens to this little boy’s mother — she has been charged with attempted murder and remains in custody without bail — the most important thing is that this kid survived. He’s in hospital, recovering from the trauma of his first 6 days on the planet. He’s filling his tiny lungs with air, and getting sustenance from a team of nurses.

He has no idea how brave he’s been, or how much trouble his mother is in. All he knows is survival.

The baby was heard screaming from beneath this concrete slab.

When he’s strong enough, it’ll be time to find this little guy a home. He’ll go into the care of DOCs, who will try to find him a place with a member of his own family. Failing that, this darling child will end up in the foster system, where he’ll likely move between families until he’s old enough to support himself. His life will continue as it began; with great uncertainty. At this stage, none of his family has come forward to claim him. So he remains, as he was in his drain, alone.

In the coming days and weeks and even months, we will hear about this baby’s mother. The public will want answers. We’ll demand to know why a mother would (how a mother could) leave her child to die like this. We’ll speculate about her level of desperation, question her humanity, and shiver when we think how repugnant an act this was.

But let’s remember the baby who lived. The week-old child who survived despite of everything.

He’s the one who needs our support. He needs to get through a welfare system that’ll keep him safe and protected.

He needs the public – you, me, us – to recognise his bravery and appreciate his life.

You can donate to Oz Harvest, who amongst other things, work to help support abandoned babies by going here. 

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