The "miracle baby" who fed herself at 3 days old.



This tiny baby has shocked medical professionals the world over… By holding a bottle in her tiny hands and feeding herself just three days after she was born.

Surely, she is destined for greatness.

Reportedly, three-week-old Amara Chiedozie has fed independently from a bottle since she was only three days old. Astonishing doctors – who would typically not expect independent feeding until six months of age – Amara has displayed incredible upper body strength, completely unrelated to her extreme levels of cuteness.


Amara’s mother, Oniya Chiedozie, has been documenting her daughter’s journey since… well, the birth, and has photographic evidence of this natural miracle.

In the video below, mother Oniya talks about Amara’s feeding routine: ‘If she is really hungry, she starts shaking. Then she will just grab the bottle as you give it to her.’

And although Amara is always closely supervised when feeding herself from her bottle, (it is not recommended by parents’ charity NTC to allow babies as young as Amara to feed without physical support, due to risk of choking), she is showing no signs of giving up her tiny little acts of independence.

Watch the whole thing right here:

We wait with bated breath to see what further miracles this amazing child will perform.

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