Mum defends piercing her baby's ears after others called it "child abuse".

A young mum has hit back at social media users who labelled the decision to pierce young babies ears as “child abuse”.

UK mum Rebekah Musson, has addressed the criticism a mum has been copping since a video of her daughter undergoing the procedure went viral on Facebook.

In the video posted to Piercings Official, a baby can be seen screaming as her ears are pierced and her mother tries to soothe her.

Musson’s daughter Maddison is not the baby pictured in the video, but did undergo the procedure when she was four-months-old – a similar age to the baby featured in the video.

The baby started crying as soon as her ears were pierced. (Image via Facebook.)

The 23-year-old told the Hull Daily Mail she failed to see how the act could fall under child abuse, as some commenters had suggested.

"Did she cry? Yes for a split second. Do I regret it? No," the mum-of-two said of her daughter, who is now two years old and loves her earrings.

"My daughter loves her earnings and she sees herself as Batman with pretty ears. It's much easier to get them done as a baby than when they're older. Fact."

"How that could be described as child abuse I have no idea. It hurt her for but a second and it really was that. She didn't cry like the baby in the video. That was a bit extreme."

Rebekah says her daughter Maddison loves her earrings. (Image via Facebook.)

Musson said her daughter "look beautiful" with earrings and loves to change them.

"She's now two-and-a-half and has her own little jewellery box like mummy with lots of earrings in."

The mum featured in the video is not the first to spark controversy for having her child's ears pierced at a young age, which prompted Mamamia to ask in May: How young is 'too young' to get your child's ears pierced?

The answer, it seems is that there isn't an age where it is too young.

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Australian Medical Association president Michael Gannon told Mamamia there is no legal or recognised minimum age in Australia, and medically, “the risks are probably the same at any age”.

“There’s no perfect age to do it.”

Dr Gannon says piercings of the ear lobes carry the minor risks of scarring, low-grade inflammation, bleeding and a small chance of infection – but these don’t increase or decrease based on a child’s age.

While the Perth-based obstetrician hadn’t seen the results of complications such as a child ripping an earring out in his line of work, he didn’t doubt it happened, but again reiterated the risks were low.

“Perhaps the key messages are to recognise the risk, to ask yourself the question ‘does it really need to be done?’, and in choosing the person who’s going to do it, just make sure that it’s done to the highest possible standards of hygiene to reduce the risk of infection.”

You can watch the full video of the baby having her ears pierced here: