Parents forced to make heartbreaking journey with their baby's corpse.

A trip that began with all the promise of a big family holiday has ended in tragedy for one couple, after their baby girl died during a flight from London to Hong Kong.

The Cathay Pacific plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Kazakhstan, after the four-month-old’s parents reported that she had fallen unconscious.

Flight crew and a passenger, reportedly a nurse, attempted to resuscitate the little girl, but neither they nor waiting Kazakhstani paramedics were able to revive her.

The distraught couple were then forced to make the heartbreaking decision to continue their journey to Hong Kong, with their daughter's body.

The couple, both of whom have been identified as French nationals, had ultimately been planning to take their daughter to visit relatives in Changsha in China’s Hunan province.

It's not yet known how the infant died, but local media reports claim that Hong Kong doctors do not believe that her death was suspicious.

Other media reports have suggested that the baby was suffering from a gastrointestinal illness.

Results of a post mortem have not yet been released.

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