'I built a capsule wardrobe for my baby. No, I haven’t lost my mind.'

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When I was pregnant, I truly thought dressing our baby would be one of the easy jobs. Not just easy, a delight! A joy. As I embraced the nesting phase in the weeks before our daughter was born, I started dreaming about the clothes I’d pick out for her. I had visions of tiny satin hangers lining a neat open wardrobe, of little matching outfits with headbands, bows and silky booties coordinated in drawers.  

But when she was born, and the sleep-deprived cyclone of newborn life took over, the reality hit very differently. Getting a baby dressed, as it turns out, is hard work. And it only gets more difficult the longer and more squirmy their limbs get. One day they’re gazing at you lovingly from the change mat, the next day they’re flipping over like a naked, squirmy salmon. No, in my one year of parenting, I’ve learnt that negotiating with criss-cross apron straps is additional stress you don’t need in your day, and no one wants to be messing with press-studs at 2am.

Putting my fashion editor hat on for a second, the whole 'capsule wardrobe' approach is actually really helpful to apply when shopping for a baby. It’s easy to get caught up in Instagram reels showing pulled-together tots in various shades of beige, but that aesthetic isn’t achievable for everybody and it’s not very realistic either. Instead, I aim for comfort, quality and versatility and through that lens, I’ve been able to narrow it down to a short list of essentials like cotton onesies, leggings and singlet suits.

Here are the seven items in my baby’s capsule wardrobe.

A good quality sleep bag.

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What did parents do before baby sleeping bags? Make tiny beds every day? No thanks. The laundry pile would be considerably higher, and bedtime would take MUCH longer without a few of these in rotation. We noticed early on just how well our girl naps and snoozes through the night in the comfort of a Bonds Cooler Nights Wondersleep Sleep Bag, and I can’t recommend them enough. 

My tip? Find one with a two-way zip for night changes and make sure you consider different TOG ratings for safe infant sleep. If you’re going for a sleeveless option, you can layer up with a zippy suit underneath.

All the Wondersuits.

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There are many imitations out there, but this Zip Wondersuit is the original and the best for a reason. There are heaps of adorable prints and styles to choose from, and the stretchy cotton is great for active little ones on the move. The two-way zip means you can tackle nappy changes faster, and I loved using the fold-over mittens for pram outings in the early days. My now-toddler would be nude most days without these; do yourself a favour and stock up on a few.

Zippys are essential. 

Made from a super soft ribbed blend of bamboo and cotton, and versatile enough to be worn day or night, the Bonds Newbies Ribbed Zippy are a must for those heady newborn days when you just want them to be comfy and well, clothed. The wrap front and side zip make change time easier (especially during night wakes) and the cuffable feet are on hand to keep bub extra cosy. These also look ridiculously cute with a jumper and socks on chilly mornings.  


Singletsuits under everything.

Singlet suits are probably the most worn items in my baby’s wardrobe, and they’re one of the first things I buy for friends with newborns. They’re incredibly handy because they can be worn all year round, on their own or as a base layer for every outfit. Sometimes when it comes to style, stripping it back to the basics is best — these are guaranteed to suit every bubba at every gorgeous stage. Plus, Bonds has a two-pack of Wonderbodies Singletsuits so you get more bang for your buck.  

Leggings. So many leggings.

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Our girl lives in them. When she started crawling, we realised she needed an easy layer to chuck on at the playground and around the house to keep her knees scrape-free. Bonds does a great pair called their Stretchies Leggings with an elasticised waistband for a snug fit and durable fabric that keeps its shape in the wash (lots of other leggings I’ve tried seem to shrink down to pedal pushers after one cycle. She’s growing fast enough, thanks!).


Have you ever tried to pull a snug jumper over a baby’s head? It’s one of those things I try to avoid because it often results in tears. I turn to cardigans on cool days when I just want dressing my one-year-old to go smoothly. Again, they’re a layer you can easily add or remove throughout the day, during mealtimes and activities.

A hat with a flap and velcro strap.

In our harsh Australian sun, leaving the house without a protective hat is a no-no, and it’s especially important with a baby. We’ve got a few tucked into the pram and stashed in the car — you’ll probably need several because you’ll lose them everywhere. To give you better odds of hanging on to it, choose a hat with a Velcro strap so your baby doesn’t make a fun game out of pulling it off every time you put it on.

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