Pregnant women are being warned against publishing pictures of their bumps on social media.

News feeds these days are cluttered up with bump pics. Perfect fodder for fetish sites. Wait, what?

Sharing your baby bump on social media is almost a rite of passage these days.

As Kim Kardashian proved this week, you’re not really pregnant unless you show the proof.

Kim Kardashian showed off her bump this week on Instagram.

But expectant mothers are being warned to resist the urge to upload the image. The reason? People are trawling Facebook and other social media sites and stealing the pictures for pregnancy fetish websites.


Apparently pregnophiles (people sexually attracted to pregnant women) are big fans of baby bumps – and the bigger the better.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association says one online predator targets private Facebook groups of multiple birth parents, pretending to be a woman, and requests the photos for a fetish site.

AMBA communications director Ali Mountifield said social media users should be on “high alert” due to the scam, which is happening all around the world.

“Pregnancy is a sacred time,” she said.

“Photos should be shared with whom you choose, in the way that you wish, not stolen for the gratification of others.”

Wow. This news will no doubt make expectant mothers think twice before posting those ‘bumpies’ (yep, that’s what bump selfies are called now).

Best not to have baby’s first photo appearing on a fetish site.

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