Dear fashion industry, cool it on the creepy kids clothes.

A retailer in the US has released ‘boyfriend jeans’ for toddlers… just, no.

US retailer Old Navy has released a line of baby boyfriend jeans and it has many calling foul as the fashion industry continues to get creepy on children’s clothes.

But it’s not just the inappropriately labelled jeans that have us feeling icky, it’s also the shoot of the child looking almost-adult like as she strikes her hipster baby pose.

baby boyfriend jeans
Hipster baby wearing boyfriend jeans. Image via Old Navy.

Come on Fashion, enough with the ridiculous efforts to dress little kids like adults.

baby bf jeans 1
Baby boyfriend jeans. Image via Old Navy.



This isn’t the first time we’ve felt uncomfortable with how children are used in fashion advertising. We’ve seen it before when Vogue Paris published a controversial spread, widely criticised for sexualising 10-year-old model Thylane Blondeau.

Thylane Blondeau
Thylane Blondeau . Image via Vogue Paris.

And celebrities get in on the act, too. Recently we saw Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dress their toddler North in a bullet proof vest. The item was part of Kanye’s fashion line designed for Adidas.

North West in bullet proof vest. Image via Kim Kardashian instagram account.

And then there’s this from wesbite Trendhunter…

Inappropriate children's clothes
Inappropriate children’s clothes are apparently in demand. Image via Trendhunter.

“There is an undeniable urge to grow up and be adults, at least in the eyes of children. In order to meet this yearning for responsibility and independence, companies should consider catering to young audiences,” Trendhunter wrote below the image.


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Old Navy has apologised for any offense caused by the outfit, writing, “This is just the name of one of our styles and in no way implies that baby girls need a boyfriend.”

There’s nothing cute about growing up too fast and the fashion industry needs to be more sensitive about how it portrays children in advertising.

Let kids be kids, and let kids dress like kids.

What do you think, is it cute or creepy to dress kids like adults?