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1. Most baby bottles on the market are wrongly marked – and could be dangerous.

A study has found that more than half the baby bottles on the Australian market have measurement markings that are missing or wrong.

Researchers at Western Sydney University found that 57 per cent of baby bottles currently on the market were inaccurate, leading to feeding practices that may be dangerous.

Associate Professor Karleen Gribble tested more than 90 bottles and found one in five did not meet European standards.

Some even claimed to adhere to Australian standards reports the ABC, but “Australian standards” do not yet exist.

“One of the markings on one of the bottles was 40 per cent out,” Associate Professor Gribble said.

“So that meant a marker than was 100 milliliters was actually 60 milliliters.

“If parents don’t have bottles that allow them to measure accurately, they’re not able to make it up accurately.”

Parents underfeeding or overfeeding their babies can cause issues such as dehydration, constipation, reflux and excessive weight gain, and in extreme cases be life-threatening.

Ms Gribble, who led the study, said that even small mismeasurements in powdered formula and water could have dangerous consequences.

Experts are urging parents to weigh liquids on a scale to get an accurate reading in the meantime.

2. Father in murder suicide seen installing “system” on roof two days before being found dead alongside his family of suspected gas poisoning.

A father who was found dead alongside his wife and two children was seen installing something in the roof of his home just days before the entire family died in what police believe is a murder-suicide.

It is thought the family were deliberately gassed to death with a poison that was released using devices throughout the house in Sydney’s northern suburb of Davidson.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Maria Claudia Lutz, 43, was found in one room with one of her children and her other child was found alone in a separate room. Her husband, Fernando Manrique, 44, was found in another room in the house.

It is believed that Mr Manrique installed some sort of system to disperse gas throughout the house.

Neighbour Okik Thomassian, 72, who lives directly across the street said she last saw him just two days before his death.

“He was right up on the roof replacing tiles and using power tools of sorts,” Ms Thomassian told The Daily Telegraph. 


“He was cutting and banging and making all sorts of noise and pulling up tiles but I don’t really know what he was doing.”

A police source said “There was a lot of pre-planning that went into this.’’

For help: Lifeline: 131 114 Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636

3. Husband charged with murder after woman’s body found in house fire.

A man who escaped a house fire, along with his two sons has been charged with murder after his wife’s body was found.

Abdul Barati, 43, and the couple’s two sons, aged 9 and 6, escaped serious injury when the Western Sydney home caught fire at 3.35am yesterday on but he is understood to have phoned emergency services say his 30-year-old wife was still inside.

Last night police said they had charged a 43-year-old man with murder.

He was refused bail and will reappear in court today.

For help: DV and Sexual Abuse hotline 27/4: 1800 737 732

4. Jury in Gable Tostee case still unable to reach a verdict.

The jury in the Gable Tostee trial are still struggling to reach a verdict over whether he killed Tinder date, Warriena Wright, who fell off his 14th floor Gold Coast apartment balcony.

The jury spent an extra hour last night trying to reach a verdict before asking the judge to send them home for the night. The jury have approached the judge with three notes asking questions about the trial and indicating they could not reach a verdict.

“I have a note indicating that so far you have not been able to reach a verdict,” Justice Byrne told the jury about 3.10pm yesterday.

“Let me say this, you are entitled to take as long as you wish to reach your verdict.

“I have the power to discharge you from giving a ­verdict, but I should only exercise it if I am satisfied that there is no likelihood of genuine agreement being reached after further ­deliberations.

“Experience has shown that juries can often agree if given enough time to consider and to discuss the issues.”

5. PM: No chance he will weaken Australia’s gun laws.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has insisted there is “no chance at all, no prospect whatsoever” of his government weakening Australia’s strong gun laws.

Senator David Leyonhjelm claims Justice Minister Michael Keenan under Tony Abbott’s leadership, promised him a ban on the importation of a seven-shot version of an Adler lever-action shotgun would end after 12 months.


A five-shot version of the gun is allowed to be imported and legally converted to hold more ammunition under existing laws.

Senator Leyonhjelm has now threatened to hold the government hostage he claims they reneged on, he said yesterday “until this is solved my relationship with the government is going to be difficult.”

6. Footballer in Coma after injesting what is thought to be “Flakka”.

A Victorian footballer, on holiday on the Gold Coast, is in a coma in a Gold Coast hospital, after he took what is believed to be “flakka” the “zombie” drug that is believed to have hospitalised 16 people.

Club president Andrew Conforti told Fairfax Media Riki Stephens and his Heathcote Saints teammates were on an end-of-season holiday when he ingested a drug at a pub on the weekend.

Mr Conforti said about nine players, including Mr Stephens, are believed to have taken the drug.

“It’s disappointing, but unfortunately they decided to try something and they’re now paying the price,” he said.

7. Doctors fees to rise to $78.

From November 1 it will cost $78 to see a doctor after the AMA raised doctor’s fees for visits of under 20 minutes.

Patients whose doctors don’t bulk bill will now have less than half their bill covered by Medicare with the rebate frozen at the 2014 level of $37.05.

Patients will see themselves $41 out of pocket bill to see a doctor.

8. Accused paedophile says he doesn’t deserve jail as he paid his victims generously.

An accused Australian paedophile waiting to be sentenced in Bali has insisted he does not deserve jail for allegedly molesting Balinese children, saying “it was not a serious thing” and he “paid them generously”, reports The Age.

“I have settled with the girls completely. I have paid them generously,” Robert Andrew Fiddes Ellis said while waiting to be sentenced in the Denpasar District Court.

The 70-year-old from Victoria was due to be sentenced yesterday for allegedly sexually abusing at least 11 girls aged between eight and 17 between 2014 and 2015 but his case was adjourned.

He told media, “It’s not a serious thing. I know it’s not serious.”

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