Darwin newborn makes grand entrance in hospital car park.

A first-time Darwin mother says she’s less fearful of labour after giving birth to her baby girl in a hospital car park before she could make it through the front doors.

She’s only a day old, but Andi Isla Murphy already knows the art of making a grand entrance, arriving in the middle of the Royal Darwin Hospital car park on Thursday afternoon.

Her mother Kristy Radford said she and her partner were catching up with friends and thinking about going shopping when her labour pains began.

“Lucky I stayed home. Then, my waters broke,” she told the ABC.

Husband Chris Murphy said it was then “game on”.

On the drive to the hospital, Ms Radford realised her first child was going to make a grand debut.

“I felt the head coming down, and I thought, ‘oh my goodness, we’re about to have a baby’,” she said.

But her husband wasn’t convinced.

“I told her to calm down,” he said.

“I said, ‘just breathe deeply, the head can’t be coming’.”

The couple only got as far as the hospital’s car park, where they said they were greeted by a surprised and somewhat shaken security guard.

“The midwife met us there with a wheelchair, and when I got out of the car, well, Andi entered the world,” Ms Radford said.

“What an entrance, in the hospital carpark.”

She says the experience has certainly made her less fearful of labour the next time around.

“I was like, I think we can do this again, all right’,” she said.

The family have already been discharged from hospital and are back at home, getting to know their beautiful little girl who they say is going to have one heck of a 21st birthday story.

Ms Radford said her daughter clearly has a feisty spirit.

“I’m a bit ‘bull at a gate’ with things, so we think she takes after me,” she said.

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