Baby Jenson is four months old, but he's not even meant to be born yet.

Baby Jenson was born on January 22 at 11.13pm weighing in at a tiny 762 grams. He wasn’t due until May 4.

But nothing about Jenson’s life has gone to plan so far.

Fifteen weeks ago, his mum Coby packed up her desk and headed to the Brisbane airport for a weekend trip to Melbourne to watch the tennis.

“I never made it to the tennis. I got to my friend’s house in Melbourne on Friday night and felt a bit unwell,” she said.”[I] decided to be cautious and go to the hospital to get checked out so that I could go to the tennis feeling comfortable, knowing that everything was ok … I never left the hospital and at that moment everything turned upside down.”

Coby with her partner David and baby Jenson. Source: Supplied

Tests showed Coby's waters has broken, despite only being 25 weeks into her pregnancy (typical pregnancies last between 37 and 42) and she was told she was likely to go into labour within a week.

In less than 48 hours she was being wheeled into a birthing suite.

"My partner David made it to the hospital only 20 minutes before Jenson was born," Coby said.

"I knew it was way too early and all I wanted was for our baby boy to be OK."

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In fact, the early birth turned out to be a "blessing in disguise" as a week-and-a-half later Coby was scheduled to head out bush in rural QLD for work, where there would have been no adequate facilities.

After spending 14 weeks in a Melbourne Neonatal Critical Care Unit, Jenson was airlifted to Mater Mothers’ Hospital Brisbane by Royal flying Doctor Service last week.

Baby Jenson is finally heading home. Source: Supplied

This morning, the healthy, happy little boy headed home for the first time - just in time for Mother's Day.

"Despite all he’s been through he’s actually really chilled, he hardly ever cries," Coby said.

"He’s still got a journey ahead of him, but he is doing really well for a 25-weeker and we can’t wait to settle into life at home as a family and with our puppy dog Alfie.”