The one thing that annoys people more than body odour and sick passengers on planes.

What’s the one thing you hate most about flying?

The space? The smell? The people? The defenceless babies with their chubby legs and chubby arms and cute, albeit incoherent (and frankly inefficient), method of communication?

According to a new study, it seems the latter is exactly what we hate most about flying, proving we may all be just a little bit awful, throwing shade at chubby, tiny, chubby babies who don’t even understand what shade is yet.

Listen: Is sex on a plane a thing?

The survey, conducted by US body Airfarewatchdog, focused on flying satisfaction, with more than half of a pool of 4,000 people saying they would prefer for children under ten and their parents to be seated in a separate area of the plane.

To put that in context, those surveyed felt more passionate about having families move to a separate area of the the plane than they were worried about sitting next to someone who is sick.

Quizzed about their biggest worries when it comes to who their seated next to, nearly 40 per cent of respondents said their next biggest worry is being seated next to someone who is sick or coughing. After that, 28 per cent said their biggest worry is having to sit next to someone with bad body odour.

92 percent of the more than 4,000 travellers Airfarewatchdog surveyed agree that today’s air-travel experience leaves a lot to be desired, and yet, 75 per cent of respondents feel that the current political climate is more stressful than flying. (Which makes it more obvious which continent they’re coming from…)

On top of this, almost 40 percent of respondents say they’d pay extra to get an entire row to themselves.

No doubt to get away from all those evil babies, eh?