Parents are naming their babies after Instagram filters.


Sadly, X-Pro II still hasn’t taken off.

A list of this year’s hottest baby names has revealed an increasing number of millennial parents are naming their newborns after Instagram filters.

It’s 2015, sure we’re spending a lot of time on our smart phones, but I can’t help thinking some of the new mums and dads just asked “Siri, what should I name my baby?”.

Every year popular parenting website puts together a list of names that are trending, this year they discovered that names like Lux, Juno, Reyes, Ludwig, Amaro, Valencia and Willow among them:

“Gorgeous names, right? They evoke a sense of dignified calm, a subtle nostalgia, a quiet beauty, a … popular photo-sharing app owned by Facebook?”

OMG they’re right.

The best thing about the new trend is that parents who are um-ing and ah-ing over names can just take a snap of their baby, upload it and scroll through the options:

Lux (while technically a colour balancing photo-editing tool) is up by 75% from last year of the list of boy’s names and also slightly higher on the list of names for girls.

Other popular names for boys included Ludwig (up 42%), Amaro (up 26%), Reyes (up 10%), Hudson (up 4%), and Kelvin (up 3%).

Juno, Valencia and Willow as names for girls, jumped 30%, 26% and 13%, respectively.

Just as not all filters are created equal, Sierra, Walden and Lark all lost ground and, peculiarly, Hefe,  Lo-Fo, x-Pro II and Perpetua didn’t make the list at all.

Other trends for the year included children named after YouTube celebrities, royals, planets and protagonists from young adult fiction novels — including Katniss and Hermione, obviously.

Predictions for 2016? Names will be replaced by emojis.