Photographer captures newborns seconds after they're born, still in their foetal positions.

Move over, Anne Geddes.

When photographing babies, it is tempting to dabble in poses and the odd costume. After all, what’s cuter than a new-born baby? A new-born baby in a flower-pot.

But Dutch photographer Marry Fermont is taking a different approach. It’s much simpler- raw and absolutely beautiful.

Fermont is a birth photographer who captures the newborns in their pre-birth positions.

She first began to take photos this way after witnessing a midwife show a couple of new parents the way their baby had been positioned in the womb.

Turns out most new-borns revert back to this position when they’re held for photographs. Old habits and all that.

You can check out some Marry Fermont’s beautiful work below: 

If you’ve ever held a new-born human in your hands and wondered, ‘how in God’s name did that fit in there?’ Now you know…

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