Babies experiencing things for the first time

Things are awesome. But, so often we forget how awesome things are. So, if you're having a bit of a dull day, or if you're just not feeling too fond of 'things' at the moment, read on. Because some hilarious GIFs of babies discovering things for the first time is sure to remind you just how awesome things can be.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for these awesome GIFs. You can see the full gallery by clicking here.

1. Fireworks

Fireworks are a pretty exciting experience for revellers of any age, but this baby's reaction should remind us all of just how crazy they really are. I mean, you're just standing in a park, minding your own business and then BOOM something's on fire and hurtling towards the sky. Upon reflection, this baby is showing a completely rational reaction to such an occurrence.

2. Cold water

You know that feeling when you step under a shower that hasn't had enough time to warm up? This baby is experiencing that bathtime chill, but worse. Because, while you could simply step away from that fountain of ice-cold doom, this poor bub is being lowered into the water with no escape.

3. Bubbles

Bubbles! Everyone loves bubbles! And, if I'm being honest, I still look a lot like this whenever a cloud of bubbles comes my way.


4. A dark tunnel

Babies love being in the car. There's a neverending stream of visual stimuli out the window, the gentle motion of the vehicle and noise of the motor help them to drift away to a sound sleep. But when the car passes through a tunnel, well, that's a whole different story.

5. Spoons

Presented without comment.

6. Pets

There are little furry things that look and behave a little bit like us that we should really take more joy in. Let's just hope that this bub didn't think that the cat's little trick was something that they could try next time mum had friends around.

7. Glass windows

Glass is a deceptive building material, that has tricked more than a few adults in a rush. But the best part of this little baby's reaction is its duration. It's as if they thought that – if they pushed hard enough and found the right spot, the glass would disappear and they would be alowed out into the brave new world. I don't envy the person who has to clean this window afterwards, though.

8. Lemons

Let this GIF serve as a reminder that sometimes, we humans eat things that taste really funny.