A very good reason not to find your marriage celebrant in the local classifieds.



The wedding celebrant forgets his lines, loses the rings, and calls the groom by the bride’s name.

It sounds like a segment from a dodgy Hollywood rom-com, but these are just some of the mistakes made in this real-life footage of a wedding ceremony.

The Toronto Star reports the couple – Casey and Jessica O’Donnell, from Ontario, Canada – found the officiator George Casselman at the last minute through a classifieds website.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by the bride’s aunt Tracy Hanes, shows a flustered Mr Casselman mixing up his words to declare that the wedding rings “sinifsify to all your marriages to one another” — before announcing the couple “Mr and Mrs Jessica O’Donnell”.

As if the botched ceremony hadn’t been mad enough, reports that months after the wedding, the happy couple learned  their union had not actually been legal – because Mr Casselman isn’t even a registered officiant.

They now have to spend $US500 going to family court to make their marriage legal.

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