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The awkward post-date text messages that bring new meaning to the word "stingy".

Well, this is awkward.

When you’re in the crucial early stages of a budding new relationship, it’s best to portray the best possible version of yourself. Or if you can’t do that, at least try not to be a real jerk.

Sometimes the date will end well and you’ll see each other again. But sometimes two people just aren’t compatible. And that’s okay.

Sometimes two people just aren’t compatible.

What’s not okay is that person passing the bank details so you can transfer them money for the drink they had bought you.

Londoner Luke Mackay recently shared his friend’s experience with a man that can only be described as the worst person in the world. After the date, he requested her to pay him back £4.50 for a drink he’d bought her.

Yes. You read that right. £4.50. Less than 10 AUD.

It all started quite cordially when the unnamed suitor asked his date to catch up again. But instead of ghosting him and slowly slipping out of his life, she did the decent human thing and told him she just wasn’t that into him.

Image via Twitter @Lukemackaycooks.

HAHA, nice try lady. But this guy isn’t going to take your polite, reasoned response for an answer.

Image via Twitter @Lukemackaycooks.

Mystery man isn’t impressed. Immediately regrets spending his life savings £4.50 on a drink for his date. Because fairness, equality etc.

Image via Twitter @Lukemackaycooks.

World’s most polite woman is then handed some unsolicited dating advice. And you know, some instructions to please pay him back ASAP.

Image via Twitter @Lukemackaycooks.

Look, maybe times were tight and he really needed that £4.50 back. But we think it’s safe to assume that she’ll be buying her own drinks as a precautionary measure in the future.

What’s the worst dating experience you’ve ever had?