Eurovision's bare bum distracted us from a far more uncomfortable moment.

While the Eurovision song contest is known for its, well, song contest, you’d be forgiven for thinking the highly-acclaimed event was far more about tidbits going viral then the theatrics of song and costume.

Alas, the last 12 hours or so have seen the internet awash with conversations and screenshots of a certain bare bum going viral, and subsequent investigations that deciphered whether said bum’s owner really was Australian like his flag suggested.

He wasn’t, for the record, but it hasn’t stopped the conversation, giggling and occasional outrage from outliving the incident itself.

But while we distract ourselves with a prank that was, rightly, quite bizarre, we’ve missed a far more spectacularly awkward moment that graced the Eurovision stage. It was this one:

The Romanian team, who were singing in the grand final, took viewers by surprise when one half of the duo leaned in for a not-very-subtle kiss at the end.

And for reasons that can only be described as that sense of  indescribable discomfort you feel upon seeing a kiss that was both aggressive and unwarranted, viewers weren’t happy about it.

So was it a major publicity stunt, an inside joke between the two, or just a kind of jerk move from a guy who doesn’t quite understand the concept of boundaries?

Of course, it’s hard to say for sure, but a glance at her face suggests there was no kind of pre-planning or forewarning about it. Which, essentially, rules out the second option and points to the third.

Sure, they posed together playing happy families after and may get along quite well.

But there’s always something about this kind of footage that has an underlying sense of yuck, I guess.