Confused viewer answers Sunrise call thinking she's on the Today show.

It’s Australian breakfast television’s greatest rivalry: Sunrise vs. Today.

Are you a Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson lover or more of a Kochie and Samantha Armytage supporter? It’s like trying to decide between Vegemite and Tim Tams. Well, sort of.

This morning, Channel 7’s Sunrise team were caught off guard when they called the winner of the final Cash Cow jackpot.

Sleepy Bendigo woman Lynette Dunn answered the phone with a hopeful, “I wake up with Today“, but hilariously unfortunately, it wasn’t Karl and Lisa on the line. Awkward.

“Well get stuffed… Lynette, it’s Sunrise here,” Kochie said as the rest of the team cringed and laughed.

“Do you have any taste, Lynette?” Armytage added.

Poor Cash Cow lost it, pushing everyone’s notes from the coffee table.

Kochie then inquired if Lynnie had won anything from “the other mob”. No, erm, she had not.

“They are so stingy,” Kochie declared.

Despite the mix-up, Lynette was awarded her $20,000 and, tearing up a little, pledged her allegiance to Sunrise forever-more.

Thanks for the lols, Lynette. Thanks for the lols.

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