In a panic about book week costumes? Well, these might make you feel worse.

Love it or hate it, Book Week is back. What are your kids going dressed as?

As a writer, I love Book Week. As a mum, I hate it.

Dress up days are hard enough without having to get inspiration from a book and then juggle cardboard, glue and pretend I can sew for one day to create something that resembles a well known, or sometimes lesser known, book character.

Book Week is a held each year throughout Australian schools and libraries to celebrate Australian authors and, well,  books funnily enough.

This year, it seems some schools have caused controversy over strictly objecting to children dressing as super heroes. Even Gen Y parents like myself know super heroes started out in comic books, surely they count don’t they?

This year Book Week will be celebrated from Saturday August 16th – Friday August 22nd. So for anyone playing along at home, that means you need to get the craft box out…now.

For some last minute ideas CLICK THROUGH our gallery of some unique and awesome Book Week dress-ups:

Who will your child be going as this week?

Want more? Try:

This is the next thing your Frozen obsessed child will be nagging you for.

The birthday party invite said: “feel free to drop your child off”.

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