FLUFF: Fans pay $400 for the most awkward celebrity photos of all time.



The first rule of meeting pop star Avril Lavigne? Do not touch Avril Lavigne.

Well, technically, the first rule is ‘pay nearly 400 bucks so you can have the privilege of standing near Avril Lavigne while a camera captures the palpable awkwardness’.

The 29-year-old Canadian Sk8r Boi singer made herself available for a “meet-and-greet” in Brazil recently but told fans that physical contact was strictly forbidden. Clearly, a) she’s just a superstar, slamming on her guitar and b) she wants a little distance from complete strangers who feel like they know her soul through your strange indie-rock-pop shouty ballads.

Look, whatever, Avril’s personal aversion to physical contact with other humans has resulted in some of the most hilariously awkward photos ever taken. Here are the eight best Avril No Touchies photos, ranked from least to most awkward.

8. This friendly leaning man.

7. This woman who almost violates the No Touchies rule.

6. This very polite experience.

5. This casual lookalike contest.

4. This extremely mild rock star.

3. This guy who’s really not feeling that thumbs up.

2. This woman who blinked and didn’t get a second take.

1. This blatantly traumatised fan.

Why you gotta be so complicated? 

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