Little kid gets truly crappy present. Handles it well.

I think we could all learn a lot from this little guy.

Today I came across a phenomenon.. Parents giving their kids terrible gifts to ‘test’ them.

Hilarious, I know. Being able to handle a crap present with grace is basically the yardstick for adulthood.

The test goes something like this:

Here child of mine,  fruit of my loins, believe for a moment that I got you a chopping board for Christmas. Go on, believe it.

Just kidding! I got you this X Box. BUT WELL DONE ON NOT DIVORCING ME.

Take this boy for example. His parents just gave him an avocado.

Either he is a VERY good actor [screams internally] or he really likes guacamole. I actually don’t know.

Guacamole is very good, but I’m worried this little boy is going to need years of therapy.

Kids today!