All of your parenting problems have been summarised by a hashtag.

#Averageparentingproblems is basically your life.

Instagram is filled with pretty pictures of food, fashion and female body parts (don’t look up #fitspo, just eat your muffin and don’t worry about those people), but never before has it been so real.

Enter Average Parenting Problems.

So your child just drew on the walls? You stepped on a stray Lego? You’ve played your fifth game of Barbies today? Yeah, we get you.

And so does this video.

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Ease the pain next time that stuff happens to you by capturing it and sharing with all the other parents out there who know exactly how it feels to lose your kid in the shopping centre only to turn around and realise that they’re…

Yes, they are.

Do you have images you would add to #averageparentingproblems?