Introducing the dry shampoo for times when aerosol isn't an option.

Image: Supplied.

Dry shampoo is the modern woman’s hero product.

There are dozens of ways to put it to use — no, really — but its root-reviving, volume-boosting powers are nothing short of magical.

There are plenty of these products on the market, and most of the time they come in aerosol cans. If you want to try something a little different — or you’re about to hop on a long-haul flight and you can’t find the lid to your existing can — we think you might like the latest offering from Aveda‘s Shampure range.

The brand new Shampure Dry Shampoo, released last month, is a “powder mist” that comes in a non-aerosol container. Conveniently, it’s also 56g, meaning it satisfies the requirements for carry-on luggage (one to consider, all you Christmas jetsetters).

What makes this product really cool is the way it’s dispensed.

You give the bottle a shake then squeeze the sides, which makes the powder puff out. Like this:

The harder you squeeze, the more dry shampoo you get. Alternatively, you could probably just tip the bottle upside down and shake it over your roots, but that’s not quite as elegant is it?

Then you just massage the powder into your roots and brush out as usual. Voila — you can get away with yet another day of not washing. Watch: We test the best new hairsprays on the market. (Post continues after video.)

To top it off, the product smells sweet and delightful — that’s thanks to 25 plant and flower essences — and works a charm. It’s also 99.8 per cent naturally derived, so if there’s anyone in your family who’s super diligent about using natural beauty products you know what to pop in their stocking.

Shampure Dry Shampoo costs $30 and can be purchased on the Aveda website here.

What’s your favourite dry shampoo?