EXCLUSIVE: Our most influential women rally to beat a competitor Australia can't wait to beat.

This Sunday, the Australian Women’s Cricket Team will face the English in the first of many games to win back the Commonwealth Bank Women’s Ashes.

The team of 11 women have worked tirelessly. Carving out a reputation of success, fortitude and sports(wom)anship on the world stage. All this in a field where women, too often, are forgotten.

Not anymore.

“Gone are the days when people said women couldn’t play cricket, that it was a man’s job,” media trailblazer, and long-time equality advocate, Ita Buttrose said in a statement issued by Cricket Australia today.

“These cricketers have proven to everyone that is not the case and are creating their own legacy.”

The team is competitive but quietly confident. “We have a big task ahead of us but we are looking forward to taking on England in front of a home crowd,” Australian Women’s captain Rachael Haynes said.

They are grateful, but determined. “I’d like to thank all Australians for their support and reinforce that we will do everything we can to retain the Ashes for our country,” Haynes continued.

Most importantly, they have a nation of powerful women behind them.

Former athletes…

“Time and time again the team has proven they are a force to be reckoned with on the international stage,” Olympic Gold Medalist, Cathy Freeman said. “The pressure will be on them and I wish them all the very best.”

More recent athletes…

“It is wonderful to see the Australian Women’s Cricket Team showing the world what they are made of, they are at the top of their game ahead of the Ashes,” Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice said. “The girls are fantastic role models for aspiring young cricketers who hope to play in an Ashes series one day.”

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Former politicians…

“Our women’s cricket team is a shining star in Australia’s sporting firmament. I am proud to support these women,” Australia’s former Ambassador for Women and Girls Natasha Jessica Stott Despoja said. “My daughter Cordelia and I will be cheering for these fine sporting heroes. They are inspiring, elite sportswomen.”

Our most successful entrepreneurs…

“I am thrilled to support our Australia Women’s Cricket Team,” founder of Boost Juice Janine Allis said. “They have the talent, they have done the work and they are passionate.”

Australian Women's Cricket Team. Image via Cricket Australia.

As the team prepares to beat England on Sunday and the games beyond, Cricket Australia has put together a video (above) showing 11 of Australia's most influential and inspirational women talking about the obstacles they had to overcome to succeed.

The idea is: If these women can do it, so too can the 11 women representing Australia to win the Ashes.

There is Paralympian Jessica Smith, alongside academic and author Dr Susan Carland. There is Jessica Watson, who was the youngest person to sail solo around the world, and Jade Hameister, the youngest person to ski to the North Pole.

More importantly, however, there is all of us.

Especially women. Watching from the sidelines as the Australian Women's Cricket Team represents this country and transforms the sport's world into one that is more equal, more welcoming, and more possible to young, aspiring girls.

Best of luck to the Australian Women's Cricket Team. You can do it.

Tickets to the match are available for just $10 for adults and $5 for concessions, while kids can get in for free.

You can find tickets here.