I surprised my wife with her favourite artist on our wedding day.

My wife loves A$AP Ferg.

Something about his fierce brand of Harlem rap gets her excited. She listens to him every single day. She likes every one of his tracks. She especially likes his real bangers though. The ones with bass that could shake your teeth loose. And lyrically she goes for the hard stuff as well – the filthier a song is, the more she likes it. She zooms down the freeway with these tracks blaring and she spits every word with an aggression I find scary at times. My wife is a bad bitch. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course.

But she wasn’t always my wife. She used to be my fiancé. And when we first got engaged she said that she wanted our wedding to be two things – memorable and unique. She didn’t want it to melt into all the others.

So I started thinking of ways we could achieve that and pretty quickly I realised there was one thing that – if pulled off – would deliver in full: Get Ferg.

He was coming to Sydney on May 1st, 2015. We got tickets as a matter of course, and then I contacted his tour managers on the sly to shamefully beg for the chance to record a short video message. They were very helpful, they said they would arrange for me to meet with him before the show and pitch my idea. And Ferg might go for it…or he might not. Be ready for that.

When the Friday of the show rolled around, I told Jess a blatant lie. I said I had to stay back at the office for a bit – we wouldn’t be able to meet up until just before the show. She whinged about this quite heavily. I went to the venue with her sister Jasmine, who was going to film it on her phone. We were both very nervous…but we needn’t have been. Ferg loved the idea of wedding vows delivered by The Hood Pope. He even got his official videographer to shoot it. A$AP Ferg is a legend.


With the footage in the can, I faced the next challenge: sitting on it for six long months. Sitting in the car as Jess served up white-hot lyrical FIRE, oblivious to the fact that the man on the stereo would be appearing at her wedding.

But when the big day arrived it was all worth it. Jess’ reaction – the thing that I had been hunting for 9 months – I got it. It was glorious.

Check out Jess’ reaction in the clip below. Post continues after video. 

Video via dawso35

I don’t think our parents were very happy about the swearing, but they will get over it.

The video is now going moderately viral. Ferg saw it, and he tweeted about it. He said ‘This is one of the Dopest things I ever did.’ Me too, Ferg. Me too.