The 12 thoughts every Australian has while travelling.

How many can you tick off? From tipping terrors to Easyjet envy, Skyscanner Australia has your inner travel monologue covered.

OMG cheap alcohol. 


Why hello Eastern Europe, with your penny-pinching pints. How’re you going with those cheap as chip spirits America? Vietnam, you’re doing us a solid with beers that cost less than water.

Clearly, finding a country with bargain booze is a breeze when you’re coming from Australia. Bottoms up, folks!

OMG cheap everything. 


THIS is what you’ve been missing all your life. It’s hard not to feel like you’ve won the lotto when you can purchase a fully satisfying meal for less than what it costs for a ride on the Sydney Metro.

From one Euro gyros in Athens, to a piping hot bowl of roadside pho, the world is your oyster (just maybe don’t hit up Monaco or Switzerland).

If one more person comes up to me and says “g’day mate”…


#NotAllAustralians sound like Steve Irwin. And while we’re at it, drop bears aren’t real either. Sorry.

Having second thoughts about this tap water…


Look, we’ve all been there. There’s nothing like a rusty tap to send you running to the corner store for a litre! At least when you come home there’ll be no more taking our drinking water for granted….

Having second thoughts about this coffee…


Australians are caffeine snobs and caffeine snobs take a hard pass on the following: American coffee, black and burnt with bottomless refills.


Finnish coffee, Kaffeost, served with cheese.

Café au lait, with milk on the side.

Just give us a regular flat white please – 180ml of milk EXACTLY.

EU passport please.


Once there, travellers can’t help but notice how well connected all of Europe is. You’re crossing borders like it’s no big deal, and day tripping to dream destinations in the time it would take you to get across the city back home! With a European passport, you’ll get a myriad of bucket list destinations, all a quick train, bus or plane ride away.

We’d like a spur of the moment weekend trip to Paris too please!

LISTEN: We need to talk about plane etiquette. (Post continues after audio…)

Why does all their money look the same?


Money that doesn’t feel like plastic? And who thought dollar bills were a good idea? Thanks a lot, America. Now we’re fumbling for the right amount of change AND trying to figure out how much to tip.

I am going to run someone over at some point.


Driving on the other side of the road is uniquely petrifying. Between ignoring all your instincts and navigating a foreign country, it’s a multitasking nightmare.

It’s completely worth it though – have you SEEN the panoramas USA national parks have to offer?

What even is Fahrenheit?



What sort of wizardry is this? And Melburnians thought figuring out how to dress for the weather couldn’t get any trickier…

Enough about the sharks.


Sure, we have deadly snakes, spiders, sharks, and dogs… but have you ever seen a wet koala? Those are TRULY terrifying.

Free wifi? SCORE.


Have you really been travelling if you haven’t chucked it on Instagram? Like it or not, our smartphones are a lifeline…. for navigating, communicating and booking cheap flights.

Welcome to 21st century travel!

Australians are EVERYWHERE.


Literally everywhere. You could be at a random hostel in Belgrade and run into your cousin’s best friend’s mate from Albury, an engineer from Perth and of course, the whole place would be staffed by Aussie working holidayers.

It might be frustrating at times, but it’s always nice to know you can take a little bit of home with you.

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