Aussie travellers share the mistakes they've unknowingly made in other countries.

There is nothing riskier than ordering a flat white and an avo smash from anywhere beyond our little island.

A group of Australian travellers have revealed the mistakes they’ve made abroad after forgetting just how nuanced our culture can be.

The slip-ups were shared on Reddit after one user asked: “What goofs have you dunned in foreign countries, due to your ignorance?”

Take note and spare yourself: a snag on a barbie could result in a doll with knots.

Coffee? Are you sure you didn’t mean hot dog?

“I asked for a flat white at a coffee/food truck in Amsterdam and got a hot dog… Apparently he misheard my accent and thought I said a ‘fat boy’ which was the name of their giant hot dog.”

Convenience, eh?

“I asked a taxi to take me to Macca’s in Canada, and he essentially took me to their version of 711 – called something surprisingly similar.”

The ultimate greeting

“I was with another Aussie guy at some shopping center in Hungary, and he walks up to this little kebab stand and says ‘G’day’. The Hungarian just turned around and made him a kebab without saying a word.”


Same-same but different

“Steak and chips… thanks for the packet of Lays plain chips, nameless US restaurant.”

Not right but not wrong

“Watched my sister in law order a scotch and coke at a hotel restaurant in Vietnam. They brought out a bottle of Johnnie Walker and a large bottle of Coke. She was happy as Larry about that one.”

Not cool, bro

“I said ‘sweet as’ to a friend of mine in a Subway in Canada, right as an attractive young woman walked past. Apparently she heard “sweet ass” and was not impressed.”

Mamma mia!

“Asked for hot chocolate in Sondrio in northern Italy. Got pudding. Not disappointed. Was good pudding.”


The Romeo and Juliet of Aussie pairings

“In the UK I ordered a sausage roll and asked for tomato sauce and they could not cope with such a strange request.”

A bitter discovery

“I learned the hard way that normal ‘iced coffee’ in the USA is exactly what it sounds like: espresso on ice. I could never find Australian style ‘iced coffee’, I’ll have to look closer next time I’m there.”

The request fit for a Queen

“A friend in China recently ordered a margherita pizza and received just a margarita at 9am… He drank it anyway.”

A friendly mistake

“Arrived in Yangon (Myanmar/Burma), got picked up by place where we were staying in one of those minibus/vans. Arrive at the place and while we’re unloading our baggage a local came up to me and stuck out his hand. Being a bit happy about travelling again after quite a few years I eagerly shook his hand and tried to say I was happy to see his country,” the user wrote.

“Everyone is looking at me with this weird look on their face. Wife nudges me and whispers, ‘No, honey, he’s begging for money.'”