Australian Survivor only just started and Henry has already made the mistake of the season.

With each and every season of Survivor without fail comes the one person who believes that lying about the very core of who they are from the outset is a great idea.

During the last year’s season of Australian Survivor, it was Bianca. The woman who decided to lie about being a private investigator and operate under the cover of being a stay-at-home-mum instead. Remember her?

Yup, neither do I. And that’s because she was voted out on Episode 2.

australian survivor henry
No one even cared that Bianca was faking. Source: Channel 10.

But here were are again on the premiere episode of Season 2, being introduced to another competitor who's decided to follow the same sure-fail game plan.

"I'm a labourer by trade but I'm going to start this game making everyone think that I'm a yoga instructor," Henry says confidently.

"I'll use my charm, my charisma, my blue eyes, my man bun... everything mum gave me. I'm going to lie from day one."

You and literally everyone else on that remote Samoan island, mate, but okay.

australian survivor henry
Keep playing the game, Henry. Source: Channel 10.

When introduced to the other 23 competitors by the walking biceps and Volcom hat that is host Jonathan LaPaglia, the 26-year-old took his lie public, declaring, "I think I'm going to draw on what I do back home; I'm a yoga instructor. I think I can help my tribe out by getting their bodies ready and hopefully being a physical asset. I'll also draw on those mental strengths that come with it."

To further drive home the lie, Henry's opted to wear a billowing linen top, loose pants and a wooden bracelet and tugs on his man bun a couple of times for good measure.

Interestingly, no one seems to be questioning Henry's downward dog or striking resemblance to Jesus just yet, so things are looking pretty good.

Sarah, a model, even goes as far as telling LaPaglia she's "very happy that we've got a yoga instructor."

australian survivor henry
Trust me, I'm a fake yoga instructor. Source: Channel 10.

In preparation to avoid being caught out in his lie, Henry says he's even spent six months practising yoga and perfecting his Child's pose. Well, six months should be enough to pull it off, for sure. What could possibly go wrong here, right?

... Right?

What it is about labourers that Henry thinks is so untrustworthy is not yet clear, but really, if he feels that way about his profession maybe he should transition to something else.

But the great deception of Henry begs the question, if a yoga instructor lies on an island and no camera crews are around to catch it, is it actually a truth?