Australian Survivor's Brooke says her body has gone through a radical transformation since the show.

Physically and mentally surviving the game of  Survivor is one thing, but transitioning back to normal, everyday life is another thing altogether.

And for recently evicted Australian Survivor contestant Brooke, the struggle was very real.

Speaking to Mamamia on Tuesday, the 23-year-old said the days following her eviction from the island were some of the hardest.

Australian Survivor Brooke

Evicted contestant Brooke on Australian Survivor. Source: Channel 10

"I went crazy after I got off, I couldn't sleep properly and I thought I was starving so I just kept eating," she said. "I think I gained about eight kilos in ten days!"

Look, if we'd been on a diet of beans, rice, and coconut chips for 45 DAYS we'd probably be stuffing ourselves too. After all, there are a lot of lost meals to make up for.


Weighing in at just over 53 kilos at the beginning of the show, the Melburnian continued, "Both El and I lost so much weight while we were there."

australian survivor diet

The best thing about being evicted? Ribs. Source: Channel 10

"There was nothing of us to begin with, but I think I lost around 10% of my body weight while I was there."

Speaking to the show's medical team in a special bonus video following her elimination Brooke said, "I've lost so much muscle and every time I sleep I can feel my bones touching the ground and it's such a weird feeling."

Having been weighed and medically assessed, Brooke was then taken to the luxury jury villa following her shock eviction in which members of her core alliance voted against her.


Brooke was treated to previously contraband items like face wash, toothbrushes, pillows and a bed, and importantly, as much food as she could eat.

Australian Survivor Brooke

Brooke with her former BFF and alliance member, Flick. Source: Channel 10.

"This is the best thing ever!" she screamed to fellow jury members in waiting, Nick, Jenna-Louise, Sue and Kylie upon viewing her first meal off the island.

Now almost three months on from filming, Brooke says things are finally back to normal.

As for who she'd like to see in the final three, the answer is simple.

"Matt, Sam and El. But I think the boys might be in trouble now after last night's tribal council."