Australian Survivor's A.K lies about how many gays are in the village and finding an idol.

Just as there will always be people wanting to save the lives of their camp’s chickens, so too, there will always be at least one Survivor player that goes too hard, too fast with far too much confidence.

Which is where A.K, a 29-year-old wedding DJ and self-confessed Survivor super fan from Adelaide comes in.

“I’m here to play Survivor, I’m not here to make friends. I plan on making an alliance with every single person in my tribe and being their best friend,” A.K tells the camera before going on one of the swiftest and tactless charm offensives ever recorded.

australian survivor ak
Source: Channel 10.

First, A.K tells his Sangatu teammate Mark that he will continue to call him Mark because Survivor Mark looks like his uncle Mark and so that means they should probably be in an alliance together. Oh, God.

Then, while Tara was having a nice, quiet, Day 1 power vom in the bushes, A.K interrupts her mid-spew to check in on their alliance. Subtle.

Finally, not realising that LGBTQ people have interests and life experiences that span outside of their sexual orientation, A.K asks his fellow teammate Peter, "are you homosexual?" before sharing, "one of my best friends at home is gay, you know?"

The problem being, there aren't actually any gays in the village of A.K, he just thinks saying that there is will help him form an alliance.

australian survivor ak
Source: Channel 10.

"I don't have any gay friends," A.K tells a camera crew, which could have something to do with the fact that his profession literally only caters to hetero couples, but sure.

"But I want people to feel like they can relate to me and I have stories," he explains.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I think hetero people will struggle to relate to you and your stories just as much as homosexual people, A.K. I really do believe that.

Incredibly, it does at some point, become apparent to A.K that he may be going a little too gung-ho and coming off as over eager. So with the interest of getting back in with the group, he starts lying again. This time, he begins telling people he has found the hidden immunity idol nestled among the camp's chicken coop. He hasn't, of course, but he just wants people to think he has.

"I'm going to start doing things to create doubt in people's minds," A.K says.

And in true Survivor fashion, it actually works. At least it does until Adam finds the clue for the real hidden immunity idol and realises everything A.K has been saying is one big failing game play.

australian survivor ak
Source: Channel 10.

At first, it looks like A.K is well and truly screwed. He has no alliances, no idol, no clue and no one willing to go in to bat for him. What he does have though, is the determination of an incurable tropical island virus.

And thanks to that, he somehow actually defies all of the odds and not only finds the bloody idol before Adam but also plays it and sends Adam home.

It makes no sense and even Jonathan LaPaglia seems shocked, which is when you know things have really gone buck wild. What the hell he's going to do when the next elimination comes around, I have no idea.

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