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Get your torches ready: The first Australian Survivor 2019 contestants have been announced.


A marathon swimmer, an NRL legend and a Shark Tank CEO will be among those heading to Fiji for 2019’s Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders.

Ten has announced the first champions and contenders we will see on the show’s fourth season, which will follow last year’s successful formula of pitting successful Australians against a group of underdogs.

Olympic swimming legend Shane Gould took out last year’s show, taking home $500,000 for her hard work. Fellow swimmer Susie Maroney will be hoping to follow in her footsteps this year, but she’ll be competing with a host of other sports stars and Boost Juice founder Janine Allis.

Here’s the first batch of contestants you’ll see on the beach in Fiji when Survivor returns later this year:

Andrew Ettingshausen, NRL legend.

andrew ettingshausen australian survivor
Image: Ten.

Andrew "ET" Ettingshausen played 328 first grade games for the Cronulla Sharks over 18 seasons. The now 53-year-old won the Dally M Centre of the Year Award twice - in 1994 and 1996.

Since his retirement in 2000, ET spends most of his time on the water and hosts his own fishing show Escape With ET. Those fishing skills will definitely come in handy on Survivor.

Janine Allis, entrepreneur.

janine allis australian survivor
Image: Ten.

Janine Allis is the founder of Boost Juice and part-owner of Retail Zoo, its parent company that employs more than 7000 people across four businesses.

Janine, 53, has won many prestigious business awards, including Australian Business Woman of the Year.

TV audiences will recognise her from her role as a "shark" on all four seasons of the Australian version of Shark Tank.

Susie Maroney.

susie maroney australian survivor

Susie Maroney, 44, is the most highly decorated long-distance swimmer in Australian history, so you just know she's going to make a splash (sorry) on Survivor.

Born with cerebral palsy, Susie was four years old when she started swimming.

She's most famous for her 1999 swim from Mexico to Cuba, covering the longest distance (197 km) at the time swum without flippers in open sea. No one else has been able to complete this since.

Ross Clarke-Jones, surfer.

ross clarke-jones australian survivor
Image: Ten.

Big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones, 53, is known for surfing waves more than 24 metres high. In 2000/01 Ross became the first non-Hawaiian to win the Eddie big wave surfing tournament.

Ross, along with tow partner Tony Ray, has taken on some of the biggest waves ever attempted. On January 28, 1998, they were part of a small group of surfers who rode giant remote outer reef Outside Log Cabins on the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii, where wave faces were anything between 50 (15.24 metres) and 80 feet (24.38m).

Steven Bradbury, speed skater.

steven bradbury australian survivor
Image: Ten.

You may recall watching four-time Olympian Steven Bradbury take out gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics, after all his opponents were involved in a collision at the last corner. It was such a moment in Australian history that anyone who experienced unlikely success was from that day on "doing a Bradbury".

Steven retired on top after his 2002 gold medal, but the folk hero is now back for a crack at Survivor.

John Eastoe, gold miner.

john eastoe australian survivor
Image: Ten.

The first contender to be revealed, 28-year-old John Eastoe has swapped an underground mine in Western Australia for Australian Survivor in Fiji.

Sarah Ayles, cleaner.

sarah ayes australian survivor
Image: Ten.

Contender Sarah Ayles, 45, is a cleaner and mum-of-two from South Australia.

Sarah survived the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Sri Lanka, jumping off a balcony and being swept 800m before being pulled onto a roof to safety.

Matty Farrelly, high school teacher and pro-wrestler.

matty farrelly australian survivor
Image: Ten.

Matty Farrelly, 29, is a high school teacher by day and a pro-wrestler by night, but he's pausing both careers for a crack at Survivor.

The fourth season of Australian Survivor is coming to Ten soon.