UNPOPULAR OPINION: Leaders spill? Pfft. I watched The Block instead.

Oh. A new PM? Again? Whatevs.

A new PM was sworn in last night. Sorry I missed it but I was busy not watching it.

Last night, journos and commentators and anyone remotely connected to Australian politics were all desperately trying to make the funniest and smartest commentary on the night’s political events.

And instead, I was just like: Stirfry for dinner? Great. Now pass me the remote. What else is on?

The Block is on. Via Ch 9

Oh, a show about people fixing leaks? I’ll have that instead.

They say politics is just show business for ugly people. Why would I watch that when I could watch show business for more talented people?

X factor contestant Michaela Baranov

And I’ll take The Biggest Loser over Cabinet Ministers, thanks.

Because at the end of the day, Australia’s attention span in politics just mirrors a reality show. Tasty soundbites, all smoke and mirrors, and then as soon as our politicians lose their shine, we Tweet and Facebook our displeasure until they are pulled from view.

Even this morning people are comparing Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull to Frank and Claire Underwood from House Of Cards. Fictional political characters from a fictional political TV show. What does this say about us? We so badly want to be entertained by our politicians that we can’t help viewing them through an entertainment lens.

So we have a new PM now. Who says he will basically keep the same policies – but maybe put a better spin on them?

How about you just run the country and stop pandering to salivating journos and social media pariahs?

In the meantime, I’ll be here, keeping my entertainment viewing to the actual reality TV shows.