Thanks to a "landmark" deal, our netballers will be receiving a serious pay rise.

Following the announcement of its plans to set a new benchmark wage for its players on Tuesday morning, the national netball league has now revealed that under a new collective agreement players will earn an average salary of $67,500 a year.

Making the announcement via a media release on Tuesday afternoon, the agreement ensures the 80 professional players within the league continue to be the highest-earning sportswomen in the country.

“It’s a landmark deal for Australian Netball athletes,” Marne Fechner, the Deputy Chief Executive of Netball Australia said.

She added that the announcement “represents a giant step in our collective aspiration to achieve full-time professionalism for all our athletes.”

The Australian netball team in action last year. Source: Getty Images.

The agreement - which works on 12-month part-part contracts and requires 20 hours of training per week - will also allow players to pursue other activities such as further study or parental duties and offers benefits like a parental leave scheme, private health insurance and income protection.


Former Australian Diamond and Melbourne Vixens captain Bianca Chatfield says the new agreement is just the beginning for the netball league.

"This has been a journey over many years between the athletes and the sport. Whilst we are not yet fully professional, the collaboration and collective will of all parties mean this will not be far away."

geThe Australian netball team in action last year. Source: Getty Images.

Chatfield, who is now the head of the Australian Netball Players Association, also said it's a passion shared by everyone across the game.

"The athletes are excited that netball has committed to invest a greater proportion of its revenue than any other sport (male or female) into its athletes, truly recognising their contribution to growing the game."