Australian mums share the biggest secrets about their sex lives after having a baby.

Australian mums prefer sleep over sex and they want the light off when they are getting busy, according to a new survey by The Healthy Mummy.

Over 3,000 mums –  with children aged from 0-5 years – have revealed secrets about their post-baby sex lives.

Over half of the mums said their partner wanted sex more often than they’d like, with 56 per cent admitting their man was hornier than them.

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Sadly, 4 per cent of those surveyed didn’t want to have sex because their partner was “annoying” but 33 per cent were just far too tired.

  • 66% of women revealed they felt more confident in the bedroom after losing weight

  • 10% of mums are not having sex because their kids were always in their bed

  • 25% revealed they didn’t feel confident enough with their body to have sex (Source: The Healthy Mummy)

How often do mums have sex?

The frequency of post-baby sex is varied – 25 per cent of mums said they have sex between 2-3 times a month and 15 per cent have sex over 10 times a month.

Source: The Healthy Mummy Sex Survey. Image supplied.

Survey results showed that most couples started having sex again four weeks after their baby was born but 25 per cent said they "didn’t feel confident enough with their body to have sex after giving birth".

Almost half of the 3,144 mums surveyed said they made excuses around sex and only 16 per cent of women prefer having sex with the light on.

The survey asked women about their sex life during pregnancy. Image via iStock.

Over half (66 per cent) of the mums surveyed said they had sex throughout their whole pregnancy but only six per cent were doing the wild thing in the third trimester.

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