Twins and triplets worst hit by Australia's infant formula shortage.

The current baby formula shortage is hitting families with twins and triplets the hardest, according to the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA).

AMBA Chairperson Ali Mountifield, who is also a mother of triplets, said that while breastfeeding rates for mothers with twins and triplets were steadily increasing, they were still lower than that of mothers with single children.

She said there were many factors that lead families with twins and triplets to rely on formula, such as:

  • 50 per cent premature birth rate for multiples
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Higher risk of postnatal depression and anxiety
  • Long term hospitalisation
  • Special needs
  • Illness
  • Feeding more than one baby at a time
  • Same sex couple
australian infant formula shortage
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“We recommend that our families take along evidence of their multiples, for example their AMBA membership card or birth certificates, when shopping in person or take advantage of bulk purchases and 10-30 per cent discounts that are available online from Bellamys and Nutrica that their AMBA club can advise them on,” she said.


The organisation has also called on infant formula stockists to give consideration to multiple birth families as it can be even more difficult for those families to get out frequently.

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The shortage is now so severe that tins of certain baby formulas have been dubbed “white gold".

The problem is believed to be caused by shoppers bulk buying the formula, apparently to send it overseas to China, where the demand is even higher. The Chinese demand for safe infant formula arose after six babies died in 2008 due to poisoned local products.

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Some retailers have introduced a limit of several tins per customer in response to the crisis.

However, just last week, horrified Melbourne mum Jessica Hay took to social media after she saw a group of people clear out a store's entire stock of baby formula within minutes.

The baby formula shortage affects a number of brands, including A2, NAN, Karicare and Bellamy’s Organic.

Have you been affected by the baby formula shortage?