Here’s what all those Aussie expressions of love really mean.


Aussie slang tends to get us off on the wrong foot with foreigners.

It might be the obnoxious amounts of swearing or it might be how an insult can also be an affectionate term.

It’s a crying shame because a lot of sweet sentiment can be lost in a harsh delivery.

Because it’s Valentines Day, we decided to translate some of our favourite slang terms of endearment into common English.

Our original plan involved koalas but there’s a shortage due to all the drop bears.* Terrible stuff. Be sure to warn your international friends.



The video playing above sees top sheila Jessie challenge absolute legend Jacqueline to translate all her phrases.

We recommend trying them out on your friends from across the pond. It’s important to use the broadest accent possible while you’re doing it.

It sounds wrong, but sometimes being called a dirty old bastard is a good thing.

Looking for love? Join Osher Gunsberg as he uses his hosting magic to soothe a broken heart.

*The koala shortage was a joke, unlike drop bears, they’re truly fearsome beasts.