This is why Australia always sends reality TV show contestants to Eurovision.

If you can wrap your head around the fact that we, Australia, have somehow landed ourselves in Europe’s biggest music competition for the third year running, you may have noticed a particular theme with the talent we send over.

Listen: This is why we only send reality TV contestants to Eurovision. 

They’re all from reality TV.

Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian, Dani Im. And this year, Isaiah Firebrace all got their starts on music talent finding shows, from Australian idol to X Factor.

With this in mind, The Binge co-host Tiffany Dunk says this year’s announcement wasn’t much of a surprise.

“It wasn’t hard to guess. Every year they end up getting some kind of former contestant from a reality TV show and given that none of them are running anymore, we’re getting a little bit light on,” she said in the latest podcast.

“Either that or they’re stuck in a jungle somewhere. Casey Donavon next year maybe?”

And she has a pretty convincing reason why this is.


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"Basically Eurovision is literally the biggest stage event you can get. For all that people laugh about it and say it's just ridiculous and a tonne of glitter balls and glitz and not much talent, it's actually a humongous stage and it takes an enormous amount of guts to get out there and face such an enormous crowd and continue to do it because they basically just sing the same song and same dance moves every single time," she says.

Because of this, performers with a reality TV show background have a serious upper hand over other potential choices.

"Reality stars are perfectly trained to do this because a) they're used to just being thrust into any kind of situation and b) they have to be note perfect because they can't get out there and fail. If they do then they've been kicked off the show already," she says.

"That's why people like Guy and Dami Im and I'm hoping people like Isaiah Firebrace are going to be able to handle that big, live crowds and take it in their stride."

Firebrace, 17, won the X Factor last year but has has been a little under the radar since then.

"[His series was] a series that nobody ended up watching, I just don't think there's going to be a huge amount of emotional investment that we had in Guy and certainly not Dami Im," argues Dunk.

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"Unless he does well in which case we'll love him."

In a controversial twist, he won't be the only Aussie talent show alumni to compete at Eurovision this year.

The Voice 2014 winner Anja Nissen will represent her native home of Denmark.

Either way, in traditional Aussie fashion, if either win we'll claim it as our own.

What do you think of our chances at Eurovision this year?

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