Two Bachelor favourites just dashed all hope that we will see them on Bachelor In Paradise.

In case you missed it, Bachelor spin-off series, Bachelor in Paradise, is coming to Australia in 2018.

The show – which sparked controversy in the US during its most recent season – dumps a whole bunch of ex-Bach contestants on a tropical island in the hopes that they will get sexy find true love with one another.

The show starts with an uneven number of men and women, with the groups taking turns handing out the roses each week. As contestants leave, new ones arrive and new sparks fly.

It’s all very dramatic and exciting.

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So fans can be forgiven for… jumping the gun a little and trying to figure out which Australian Bachelor rejects favourites would be returning for a second chance at love.

There are high hopes for a ‘villain’ showdown between Keira Maguire and Jen Hawke.

Fans are also anxiously awaiting Sam Frost’s chance to go face-to-face with Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge.

jen hawke keira maguire Bach
Image via Channel 10.

There are also hopes newly-single Richie Strahan might finally be able to make up for breaking Nikki Gogan's (and all of Australia's) heart last year.

While no 'castmembers' have officially been announced, there are at least two Bachelor favourites that have denied they will be appearing on the show.

Posting on Instagram, Nikki Gogan said she was not in Sydney recently to film a promo for the new show and that her idea of 'paradise' was not returning to our screens to put her love life on full display (again).

"My idea of paradise is relaxing with my family & friends - laughing, joking and just having a lovely time together," she shared with her 110,000 followers.


"I'm doing my best to live my paradise right here. Right now.

"I wish anyone that chooses to go on Bach in Paradise all the very very best, but I won't be joining them."

Richie also confirmed he would not be searching for love on a tropical island (at least, not in front of TV cameras).

"I'm 100% not doing this," he wrote on an Instagram snap using his image to promote the show.

richie no BIP
That's a firm 'no' from Richie. Image via Instagram.

Here's hoping we will still see the likes of Jake Ellis, Fireman Cam and Tara Pavlovic on the show.

And at least we still have Osher to keep us company.


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